Are you around The Bend // An Australian Porsche road trip visits Adelaide

Are you around The Bend // An Australian Porsche road trip visits Adelaide

Words and photos by Zander Pickering

Should it be odd that I’m really not surprised anymore to get an email or phone call from an overseas Porsche owner saying ‘Hey, I’m driving my Porsche insert model here around Australia and was wondering if you can organise something for me in Adelaide?’

This time it was from Lars in Finland and his 1956 Porsche 356A. Lars wanted to come back to Australia and tell his love story… an Aussie that left Australia and moved to Finland for love, but at the expense of leaving two other loved ones behind – Australia, and his beloved Frau Brenner, a 1956 Porsche 356A (and Klaus the Kombi) for six long years. His dream was to come back and do a road trip with ‘Ol Frau, visiting old friends and Porsche people along the way.

After a chance conversation with a friend about borrowing some GoPros so that he could create an amateur road trip Vlog, it snowballed and turned into a professional documentary of the journey and his visits to other Porsche owners, filming their cars and capturing their lives, scenery and passions along the way. With June 2018 being Porsche’s 70th Anniversary, Lars went all in and setup BeRareTV and Porsche Diaries: Destination Australia, was born.

So after the usual ‘I haven’t driven this car for six years’ trials and tribulations occurred, Lars and his crew managed to survive the trek from the East Coast, through Geelong and into Adelaide. A group of South Australian Porsche enthusiasts, who had been tracking Lars’ progress, met at Porsche Centre Adelaide on Tuesday June 19 to head to The Bend Motorsport Park for some display laps for the documentary – many thanks to friend of Sports Car Safari, Stewart Kay, for arranging access to The Bend.

The intent was to provide a broad cross-section of Porsches for the documentary and this was most certainly achieved with Australia’s first 911 (as featured in Sports Car Safari Issue 01), a 911 R, 991 GT3 RS, 991.2 GT3 Manual, 996 Turbo and Targa, and a cross-section of 911 SCs all taking to the track. Although we had to respectfully follow the rules (it was purely display laps for filming and not a proper track day) the 7.7km GT Circuit is a truly fabulous piece of work and an exciting drive.

Enough of the words – enjoy the pictures, and be sure to keep an eye out for the BeRare TV documentary.