Photo Essay // Goodwood Festival of Speed Day Four

Photo Essay // Goodwood Festival of Speed Day Four

Words and photos by Andrew Coles

After spending four long days at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, you really do need to work hard in order to avoid complacency. It went a little something like this:

‘Oh, there’s a Delta S4. Hmm… I wonder what’s for lunch back at the media center?’

‘No! There’s a freakin’ Delta S4 dammit! That’s awesome!’

But the truth is that Goodwood is a fantasy land, and in this fantasy land, otherwise exceptional things do become commonplace. It’s a nice problem to have, but you really do need to work against it.

The day really was all about Porsche and its 70th Anniversary, as it has been for most of the event. We went to the start line to photograph the Porsche run group, and at one point, I almost had the Nordschleiffe record-holding 919 Evo to myself. Things like that really do happen at Goodwood.

The afternoon saw the running of the timed shootout, which was won by the all-electric Volkswagen I.D. R, which had recently won the Pikes Peak Hillclimb. I, for one, welcome our new electric car overlords.

All jokes aside, these cutting-edge performance electric cars are something special; they are far removed from the Prius and G-Whizz’ that have earnt electric cars such a bad rap. The whining noise from their drivetrain is aggressive, and if anything, the lack of engine noise just makes them even more surprising and stealthlike.

We walked out of the dusty gates weary and sunburnt, Goodwood done for another year. That is until Revival, of course.


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