Event // Bolt Motorcycles True Bohemians film premiere

Event // Bolt Motorcycles True Bohemians film premiere

Words and photos by Andrew Coles

The guys at Bolt Motorcycles London are undoubtedly doing it right. Located in a courtyard of run-down, so-fashionable-it-hurts-red brick buildings in London’s hipper-than-thou Stoke Newington area, Bolt seems to have just the right blend of ruggedness and aesthetic sensibility to produce the kinds of bikes that we want to saddle up on and ride across Europe. The kinds of bikes that just seem to fill your head with all sorts of dumb ideas about the style of bike you could build and the trips you could take on it.

We visited Bolt the other night for the premiere of their new film, True Bohemians, produced in partnership with Czech beer company Budweis. The storyline is one that we know all too well, yet one that has lost none of its sheen. Bolt built a modified single-cycle Jawa motorcycle, dubbed the Budvar Bike, and founder Andrew Almond rode it 1,000 miles, with some friends joining in on the adventure, to the Budweis brewery in South Bohemia. And to celebrate the launch of the film, Bolt threw a little party.

With the little Jawa proudly on display in the back of a Ford pickup and plenty of Budvar flowing freely, hundreds of London bikers gathered for a fun night out. The odd hotrod gave some spice between the bikes, and all manner of two-wheeled styles could be seen coming and going – several Easy Rider style choppers, an old military motorcycle with a total-loss oiling system and an electric converted early Vespa, just to name a few.

Bolt threw open the doors to their workshop and retail space, with their regular counter taken over by a DJ spinning tunes on vinyl. I don’t know if it was the bikes, the rustic atmosphere or the ample supply of Budvar, probably all three, but it didn’t take long to make the decision that a European trip needs to be taken on an old motorcycle, and sooner rather than later.

Look no further than the final film for a little inspiration:

Any excuse for a road trip is a good one, as is any excuse for a party. Thanks to the crew at Bolt Motorcycles for a great night mixing the two.