Will we see a track only Porsche GT2 RS special next year? The 2019 GT2 Club Sport is coming.

Will we see a track only Porsche GT2 RS special next year? The 2019 GT2 Club Sport is coming.

Words by Andrew Coles

Financial reports from motorsport cooling specialists PWR suggest that we will shortly see a track-only version of the twin-turbocharged, 691bhp 911 GT2 RS road car from Porsche. Called the GT2 Club Sport, it appears to follow the nomenclature endowed on the race-ready Cayman GT4 Club Sport, and 200 examples will be built. Workflow projections show the project to begin in October 2018 and for production to commence in February 2019.



In April this year, Porsche was spotted testing a track-only version of the GT2 during a private session at Monza. Video footage shows it to have a much larger rear spoiler, and revised front and rear ends for enhanced cooling and aerodynamics. Video footage suggests that the mechanical package sounds to be derived from the road car and uses the existing PDK transmission.

Hindsight suggests that this could have been a development mule for the recently released GT2 RS based 935 70th Anniversary track car, however, the extended tail and revised front end of the 935 would reduce the need for a stock bodied mule. Could this be the GT2 Club Sport instead?



The document is listed with the Australian Stock Exchange and is a summary of the company’s presentation at its 2018 Annual General Meeting on Friday October 19, which details past company performance and highlights future projects that the company is working on.

It shows how the Australian company has deep OEM ties and has an engineering stake in some of the most exciting cars to launch in the coming 36 months, such as the Aston Martin Red Bull Valkyrie, AMG One, McLaren Speedtail, Porsche 935 and three further undisclosed projects.

At the time of publication, two of the projects listed were yet to be announced – the upcoming Ford GT500, photos of which have since been leaked, and the mystery ‘Porsche GT2CS Track Car’.

Track day specials are the flavour of the month right now, and it makes perfect sense. Speed limits are lower and more heavily enforced than ever before, while supercars are becoming faster by the week. Cars from Ferrari’s XX programme and track only weapons like McLaren’s P1 GTR have proven that a profitable market for these cars exists, and the recent announcement of the GT2 RS based 935 70th Anniversary track car show that Porsche is quickly catching up.

Could this be another track toy built purely for enjoyment, or like the Cayman GT4 Club Sport, is this the latest tool for the gentleman racer in FIA GT4 or a similar competitive series?

Time will tell.