Any Given Reason’s Burger Meet event has proudly grown to be one of the most hotly anticipated events on the South Australian automotive calendar. And since the team behind Any Given Reason are also behind Sports Car Safari, we thought it fitting to share the news here that the 2018 Boxing Day event has been slightly postponed.

Burger Meet has experienced significant growth year-on-year, and the attendance at Burger Meet Seven in 2018 stretched to just under 600 cars and around 1,200 people. For a meet that started a few years ago with 30 cars in a Blackwood carpark, that’s pretty cool.

The downside is that as it grows it becomes a proper event. There are so many issues to attend to, and most of them require a reasonable investment of both time and money to solve. Special liquor licenses are needed, portable toilets are required (the cost to hire them is often in the thousands), indemnity insurance is required, and professional traffic management is needed, to name just a few challenges.

We’re not having a whinge by any stretch, but are just making the point that it becomes a proper project with a budget, cash flow in and out, and risk that the investment won’t be recovered. We’re not event planners, we don’t have a team of people behind this event, we’re just two guys who like cars, and Burger Meet has become a very different thing to just telling a bunch of people to turn up at a place for a beer. And if you get those kinds of numbers without the proper planning, it just becomes mega stressful for us on the day and it isn’t as much fun for all of you who come!

This year we’ve elected to put our efforts towards the Sports Car Safari project, and the Official Event Journal that we produced for the Adelaide Motorsport Festival a few weeks ago. By the time we were able to turn some attention toward Burger Meet, it became readily apparent that we didn’t have enough time to get a proper event off the ground the way we wanted to do it, especially at Christmas time when the hospitality industry is already running at full capacity.

We’ve hence made the call to postpone it by a couple of months. We’ve decided that Burger Meet is worth doing properly, and by making this call we’re confident of a better event for everyone. There will be some exciting changes and innovations, too. One half of our team now lives in the UK, and having simultaneous Burger Meets on opposite sides of the world is an idea we’d love to pursue.

Thanks for the continued support, have a great Christmas, and as they say, watch this space!