Event // Hangar Banger 2

Event // Hangar Banger 2

Words and photos by Zander Pickering – @boysowngarage

We just drove a 1450km round trip for Cars and Coffee. And the coffee was average. But the upside was that the cars were awesome. And German. And mostly air cooled. And the ones that weren’t? Usually GT or RS variants. What was this event you ask? Hangar Banger 2.

After the success of the first Hangar Banger in an old furniture warehouse in Geelong, Hugh, John, Kerry and Rohan (the team from Porsche Forum Australia and Skunk Werks) put their brains and brawn together to put on what could be referred to as Australia’s own “Luftgekühlt Licht” in a 100-year- old ex-dairy factory in the rural town of Cororooke, Victoria, two hours south- west of Melbourne.

Methodical planning saw cars grouped in sections, such as 901’s together on a grassy plain, Impact Bumper cars in rows against brick walls, GT cars parked nose to tail in an impressive lineup. But the highlight was the special, rare and desirable cars spread out in various nooks and crannies throughout the factory. For example, a 356 in a shadowy boiler room and “Wilbur the Black” being started every hour on the hour barking its exhaust note into the sound chamber. The Milk Room featured all black cars from a long hood, to a 964 through to a GT4.

You know the selection of cars is good when you find more people taking in the sight of a 993RS Touring with 19,000km’s on the clock, than a current GT2 RS WITH Weissach Package. Or if front engine Porsches are your thing, the stunning and recently completed 968 Turbo RS recreation was equally impressive. I even found a soul mate to my own car in the form of an ivory SWB 912 on steelies packing a tidy 3.2 conversion – now that is a sleeper! The circle of evolution was a common theme too, with Skunk Werks restoration projects in various states of dismantle, repair, re-assembly, and completion to be found throughout the venue.

It took multiple laps and hours of the venue to see everything and I’m sure there are cars and people that I missed seeing and saying hello to. Such was the amount of cars and the numerous visual distractions, both automotive and architectural. The real kicker for this gathering though is it was not just a car show and it certainly was not a suit and tie, white-glove-wearing concours with trophies. It was a gathering of like-minded people with a common love, all bought together to appreciate Porsche and to catch up with friends and make new ones.

A big thank you and congrats again to Hugh, John, Kerry and Rohan for organizing the event and many thanks to friend of SCS Mark Strybos for lending me the passenger seat in your lovely Carrera 3.2 for the event.

Enjoy the pictures and be sure to keep an eye out for Hangar Banger 3 in the future – it will be worth the drive!