Who would abandon a Zagato Aston Martin?

Who would abandon a Zagato Aston Martin?

London kills the car spotting game again

So, how’s this for a Londonism?

Every few days for the better part of a year, I’ve run past this car sitting under a cover in the front yard of a home in a rather wealthy part of London. It never moves, and hasn’t for some time. And every few days for the past year I’ve tried to figure out what it is, to no avail.

I knew it would be special. After all, a few doors down there’s what looks like an abandoned, ten-year-old Rolls Royce Phantom that also hasn’t moved in a while. And down from that, there’s a Maybach 63 wearing Dubai plates that, you guessed it, hasn’t turned a wheel either.

It wasn’t until I was flicking through a back issue of Evo the other day and saw a picture in a story about bespoke supercars that I recognised the wheels, sill and grille outline – bingo!

This car is part of a special series of Aston Martins built by Zagato in 1997 for the Sultan of Brunei. Based on a V8 Vantage V600, it’s one of three ‘Series II’ examples built of a three-series collection. It has a twin-supercharged V8, AP Racing brakes, and those lovely Dymag magnesium alloy wheels. All three Series II cars are reported to have originally gone to Brunei – two for the Sultan and one for Prince Jeffri.

At least this one has made it back to Europe, although records show that it hasn’t had a valid MOT since 2008 and it looks to have not moved in years. What’s even more interesting is that the internet reckons one Hassanal Bolkiah, the Sultan, owns a house on this very road.

Only in London.