Photo essay // Kicking 2019 off at Sunday Scramble

Photo essay // Kicking 2019 off at Sunday Scramble

Words and photos by Andrew Coles

No sooner had we popped the champagne for New Years Eve, or so it seemed, were we back at Bicester Heritage on January 7 for the first Sunday Scramble of the year. Back on the merry-go-round for another lap and another year, but what a merry-go-round it is here in the UK car scene. It really is like nowhere else in the world.

The January 2019 Sunday Scramble caught us all off guard by how busy it was. A sell-out – the Bicester technical site was cram packed with a capacity 7000-strong crowd. Last year was so bitterly cold that we figured the memories of not being able to feel your fingers may have kept some away, but it was comparatively warm and the people came.

I was one of the lucky ones. I had an eight-hour drive ahead of me that day so I came early, and left early. I only had an hour or two to quickly take it in, and as I left, the traffic was jammed solid for miles in all directions.

And yes, the quality of cars was just as eclectic and just as breathtaking as ever. From Jacques Villeneuve’s 1997 World Championship winning Williams to a homebuilt, road registered, heavily turbocharged Lotus Exige track car, it was all there and more.

There’s plenty more excitement taking place at Bicester this year, so this is only the start.