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Podcast // Have you caught up on the new SCS Podcast?

Podcast // Have you caught up on the new SCS Podcast?

Sports Car Safari has a podcast!

One of the key inspirations behind Sports Car Safari was the idea of sharing stories of automotive adventure and capturing the thrill that we all get from exciting cars and using them. Our print magazine is central to this, but if a picture tells a thousand words, then a podcast must tell ten thousand! With this in mind we’ve launched a new series where Co-Editors Luke and Andrew chat to interesting car people and learn the anecdotes behind the stories.

We’ve just completed our 12th podcast, so with the new series here to stay, we look back at the episodes so far.

Sports Car Safari podcast is streamed with live video to YouTube, usually on a Thursday evening at 8pm ACST. It is interactive – ask us your questions beforehand on social media or live on YouTube and we’ll put them to our guest. The podcast is then uploaded in audio-only format to Spotify and Apple Podcasts – search for Sports Car Safari on both platforms.

Episode 1 – Zander Pickering of Boys Own Garage

There aren’t many people who can claim to have flown a Hornet jet, but Zander Pickering is one of them. That only forms the edge of our first podcast, however. We chat about his involvement in the Porsche scene, the restoration of Penelope, his ’66 SWB, his Boys Own Garage side hustle and dodgy used car dealers of the 1990s.

Episode 2 – Andy Sarandis (Autosport, Australian Rally Championship co-driver, Improved Production Racing)

Andy Sarandis lives and breathes motor racing. Not only does he manage Autosport, the famous retailer of race gear in Adelaide, but he is a paid co-driver in the Australian Rally Championship and tarmac rallying and races an immaculately-prepared and frightfully fast Lancer Evolution 8 in Australia’s famous Improved Production championship.

Episode 3 – Bespoke Motor Cars’ Jordan Roddy on the finding and restoration of Jaguar XJR-15 chassis 018

Melbourne’s Jordan Roddy has built a sterling reputation as finder and restorer of some pretty exciting cars – we’re featuring his Murcielago R-GT restoration in SCS Issue 03. But it was the restoration of XJR-15 018 that put Jordy on the map, and in this podcast he gives us the story of how he heard about the partially complete car sitting disassembled and being used as a testbed in a Tokyo university, acquired it, imported it to Australia and rebuilt it to show-winning condition. It’s quite the tale!

Episode 4 – Motorsport photographer and fine artist Jayson Fong

Originally hailing from Sydney, Jayson Fong moved to the UK to pursue a career as a motorsport photographer and fine artist. In the ensuing five years he’s carved out an enviable career as one of the industries top professionals, travelling Europe shooting some of the most high-profile cars and events around, and dialling in from the UK, Jayson tells us how it happened for him. When you’re shooting for Goodwood and your work ends up on billboards around London and the UK promoting the Festival of Speed, you know you’re doing something right!

Episode 5 – Andre Bezuidenhout (@Frisco911)

We first met Andre when he called through Adelaide on the first leg of a world tour in ‘Frisco’, his famous military-green air-cooled 911. Dialling in from Stellenbosch, Andre tells us about this extended world tour which has so far ticked off Australia, New Zealand and Japan, what it’s like to hillclimb a classic Formula One car at South Africa’s famous Simola Hillclimb, racing Porsches old and new and the motorsport scene in South Africa.

Episode 6 – SCS Team Podcast

Luke and Andrew, dialling in from their respective corners of the globe (Adelaide and Cambridge, if you wanted to know) discuss how the Sports Car Safari project came about, and where their first automotive inspirations came from.

Episode 7 – Damian Reed talks rallying and cheap motorsport thrills

Damian Reed has built a name for himself in getting the ultimate bang-for-buck from his motorsport exploits, and he shows how thrills and improved driving skills are attainable on any budget. Damian and Andrew discuss the famous ‘2Festi’ adventure, Damian tells us about his gravel-prepared S13 and his new role as manager of South Australia’s Mallala Motorsport Park.

Episode 8 – Qantas Captain, Italian car nut and rally competitor Guy Standen

The SCS Podcast was born out of the coronavirus pandemic, and longtime friend Guy Standen has one of the most interesting perspectives. As an international Qantas Captain, Guy dialled in from quarantine in a hotel in London’s Heathrow Airport, having just flown an almost empty plane from Australia to the UK and landing as the only moving plane on Heathrow’s normally packed runway. Not even permitted to leave his hotel room before flying home a few days later, Guy gives his perspective on the virus, geeks out with us on aviation related stories (he flew air-to-air refuelling in his Air Force days, for one), and then delves into Italian cars and his tarmac rally prepared Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint.

Episode 9 – Michael Busby and Guy Tyler

‘Buzz and GT’s rally adventures’ is what the pair label themselves on Facebook, and rally competitors Michael Busby and Guy Tyler join us in person to share their rallying adventures and misadventures. From Michael’s pair of Classic Adelaide wins in the SCS Magazine-livered RX-7 to Guy’s various successes and stint in the UK competing in the British Rally Championship, the two best mates epitomise everything that’s great about the mateship born from rallying.

Episode 10 – Karl von Sanden talks rally pacenotes, competing in a 944 and finally acquiring a Honda S2000

Karl von Sanden has thrown himself into motorsport in a big way, not only competing in tarmac rally events in his Porsche 944 but by starting Adelaide Tarmac Pacenotes with friend and co-driver Alex Visintin. Dialling in from Sydney, KVS chats about this and more, including the wonder that is the Honda S2000, watches, and Leica cameras.

Episode 11 – Drew Milne and his 55,000km Adelaide-London Vespa ride

Beginning in 2011, Adelaide’s Drew Milne packed up his Vespa PX 200 and headed North, first to Darwin and then on through Asia, India, the Middle East and Europe to finish in London’s Trafalgar Square some two years later. We covered Drew’s epic trip in Sports Car Safari Issue 01 but there’s so much we didn’t have space for, so Drew visits in person to recount this epic trip. We also touch on his time racing Formula Fords, and his unlikely win of a state motor racing championship.

Episode 12 – Wheels Australia photographer Alastair Brook

Dialling in from Sydney, Alastair Brook is a staff photographer with the Bauer Media Group, which sees his work appear in some of Australia’s biggest motoring titles including Wheels, Street Machine, Which Car and 4×4 Australia. Alastair tells us about how he got there, we discuss his passion for French hot hatches, and we really delve deep into photographic technique and what set you apart as a staff photographer at a major magazine.